Click here to download more details of the Geotemporal Tourism Challenge. Funding is available to deliver new technologies capable of disrupting markets. Airbnb and Uber have shown how this can be achieved through innovation in the new sharing economy.

Geotemporal will accelerate this disruption and bring substantial benefits to tourism consumers, front-line tourism businesses and new investors in the travel and tourism industry. 

Your invitation
If you're a frontline tourism business, software engineer, web developer or destination marketer wanting to influence developments and gain benefit from the outcomes of the Geotemporal Tourism Challenge, please provide your contact details if you wish to take part:

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The semantic web and internet of shared tourism things are revolutionary concepts bringing sweeping changes to the way consumers and tourism businesses interact.

New dimension

They bring a powerful new and dynamic dimension to the tourism marketplace boosting local tourism economies worldwide with Airbnb and Uber already setting the pace.

It opens up new, revenue generating opportunities and equity options to front line tourism businesses, web developers and software engineers working as a global consortium in the new sharing economy.