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Travel and tourism businesses providing overnight accommodation will be first to benefit from the online newspaper with articles and  editoral features on destinations showing what's on, accommodation listings (with own website links, email addresses and telephone contact numbers for direct bed bookings), regional insight supplements, and special issues covering major events.

There are as many niche interests in the world as there are destinations and micro destinations to reward them:

"...micro destinations can be discovered on the web in as many different ways as there are interests they can cater for."


A New Model for Destination Marketing

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We love writing about consortia!  You don't need to be branded. If you share a theme that's of interest to visitors, we will write an article or feature about your group.

Here are some examples:

  Are you along a well-known walking route?

•  Are you close to a scenic railway?

•  Is there a golf course not far away?

•  Are you near to a gold mine open to the public as a visitors attraction?

•  Are you in a village or town that has something of unique interest to visitors,

   no matter how obscure it might be?

•  Are you close to a National Trust Property?

•  Are you close to a castle?

•  Are you in a National Park?

  Are you in or close to a National Nature Reserve?

If you fit any of the above or have any other ideas, please tell us:

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